Appellate Law


The appellate process is frequently the most challenging aspect of legal representation. In addition to our recognized skill in trial and litigation matters, Alverson Taylor & Sanders’ lawyers possess equal proficiency in State and Federal appellate court proceedings. As one of the largest litigation firms in the state, AT&S attorneys are at the forefront of litigated appealable issues. We have litigated many appellate cases resulting in over 50 published decisions by the Nevada Supreme Court, and countless other unpublished decisions. Our efforts have led to many landmark decisions, including those involving insurance coverage issues, medical malpractice issues, procedural and evidentiary matters and others.

Appellate and Writ work is highly specialized. Few attorneys litigate enough of these matters to gain the expertise needed to successfully address the appealable issues. Due to our long-standing relationship with the Nevada Supreme Court, we can provide our clients a valuable and practical insight regarding the appellate process.