Product Liability


Since 1977, Alverson Taylor & Sanders’ attorneys have defended the manufacturers and distributors of hundreds of different products. Products liability is one of the most technically complex areas of litigation. Working closely with highly qualified experts, AT&S attorneys combine courtroom experience and technical knowledge that come from years of representing clients in product liability cases. Our resources, commitment, and desire to become well versed in the technical subject matter and the clients’ product provide our clients an aggressive defense to claims against them.

Our attorneys have represented client interests in cases involving:

  • Heavy equipment, including tractors, trailers, earth moving machinery
  • Light machines, including power saws, lawn mowers, construction equipment, hand tools
  • Medical devices, including breast implants, heart valves, pacemakers, anesthesia and monitoring equipment
  • Miscellaneous products, including glue laminated beams, plastic products, water heaters, protective structures, blood products, overhead doors, ladders, scaffolding
  • Pharmaceuticals, including drugs and over-the-counter supplements
  • Toxic exposures, including asbestosis, silicosis, stachybotrys (mold)PCBs
  • Vehicles and vehicular equipment, including automobiles, automobile components, truck tires, rollovers, restraints, park-to-reverse
  • Amusement and recreation devices, including roller coasters, boat manufacturers, boat equipment and accessories